Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Truth behind global Potash demand...

The prices of Potash has been continuously increasing.  For the year 2012, the prices have cross beyond $500 per metric ton.  Despite this, supply is way behind demand especially from India and China.  But do we realize that more than 70% of Potash dumped in the soil is not absorbed by plants?  This is because more than 70% of the Potash is in an insoluble form and hence not available to the plant.  In other words, for every $500 spent on Potash about $350 goes waste in the soil.  Apart from being not useful to the plants, this continuous leaching of Potash spoils the soil and ground water.

A good Potash mobilizing bacteria like Potaz from Varsha Bioscience and Technology can make this remaining 70% of insoluble Potash available to the plants.  Just imagine the cost savings for the farmers.  This will reduce the demand for Potash thereby reducing the market price of Potash as well.  Food prices will decrease and so will food inflation.  Not many people realize this.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bio waste to Bio mass

One of the applications of bio control agents is to help faster decomposition.  From being mainly used as bio fertilizers and bio pesticides, these microbes are going to find several times bigger utility as composting agents.  For example, approximately for one tonne of palm oil extracted from oil plam trees, there is ten tonnes of oil palm waste consisting of oil palm tree trunks, branches, empty fruit bunches, etc.  It takes several months for all these to decompose completely.  Microbial solutions can be used to cut down the decompostion time by a whopping up to 80%.  Varsha's Omega can be very effective for this.

There are several uses for these composted bio waste.  From being used as Bio fertilizers, Bio plastics, Bio fuels and all the way to Aviation Turbine Fuel the benefits are enormous.  Its just a matter of time (or is it already time?) that the bio waste will be lot more valuable than the actual produce from the crops.  No wonder the new term is Bio mass and not Bio waste.

Monday, 21 November 2011

At the Bio Malaysia 2011 Conference in Kuala Lumpur

Reached the conference venue KLCC and completed the pre-registration activity.  Looking forward to the next couple of days and hope to make a lot of new acquaintances.  Will our products become popular in Malaysia? Will know in a few days from now...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Expanding footprint of bio fertilizer/pesticides in Tamilnadu...

Was surprised to know that there are a vast majority of farmers who take pride is calling themselves as "Bio Farmers" in Tamilnadu.  This is what we realized during the inaguration of Varsha Bioscience's Tamilnadu dealership and a conference of all the dealers across Tamilnadu held in Trichy last month.  There was participation from officials of the Tamilnadu Agriculture department in Trichy and leading personalities in the Agribiotech industry.

In addition there was a training on Varsha Bioscience's products to all the field staff of the Tamilnadu dealership.  Several gray areas were clarified to the field executives.  We also learned areas where we could improve our product portfolio.

Overall there was excellent response to the products of Varsha Bioscience and Technology.

See the news report from the event below...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Why Urea is a bad idea?

Urea is the most common recourse to satisfy the Nitrogen needs of crops.  This is ironic since atmosphere has 78% Nitrogen and still we go for artificial way of providing this nutrient to crops!

Production of Urea needs hydrocarbons which are limited in supply and hence the price keeps rising.  In addition they pollute the atmosphere.  Hence this artificial way of supplying Nitrogen to crops is not sustainable in the long run.  Especially with the human population already reaching the 7 billion mark resulting in an ever increasing need for food from a continuously decreasing tract of arable land available.

One of the proven ways to overcome this is to use organic nitrogen fertilizers which makes the abundant Nitrogen in the atmosphere available to the crops.  Nitromax is one such wonder product which greatly reduces the cost of fertilizers and at the same time increases crop yield compared to using Urea.

First big step towards a earth and human friendly agriculture...

Varsha Bioscience and Technology Pvt. Ltd. commenced operations this year in a brand new facility in the outskirts of Hyderabad, India with a capacity of several thousand metric tons of bio fertilizer/pesticide.  Even though this a just a fraction of the capacity of chemical fertilizers/pesticides of the large fertilizer companies, for a bio fertilizer/pesticide company this is one of the biggest.  What with more and more farmers in India taking pride in being "organic" farmers, we will have to continuously augment this capacity.  Refer to http://www.varshabioscience.com/ to understand the range of earth and human friendly agricultual biotech products that we produce.