Thursday, 10 November 2011

Why Urea is a bad idea?

Urea is the most common recourse to satisfy the Nitrogen needs of crops.  This is ironic since atmosphere has 78% Nitrogen and still we go for artificial way of providing this nutrient to crops!

Production of Urea needs hydrocarbons which are limited in supply and hence the price keeps rising.  In addition they pollute the atmosphere.  Hence this artificial way of supplying Nitrogen to crops is not sustainable in the long run.  Especially with the human population already reaching the 7 billion mark resulting in an ever increasing need for food from a continuously decreasing tract of arable land available.

One of the proven ways to overcome this is to use organic nitrogen fertilizers which makes the abundant Nitrogen in the atmosphere available to the crops.  Nitromax is one such wonder product which greatly reduces the cost of fertilizers and at the same time increases crop yield compared to using Urea.

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