Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Expanding footprint of bio fertilizer/pesticides in Tamilnadu...

Was surprised to know that there are a vast majority of farmers who take pride is calling themselves as "Bio Farmers" in Tamilnadu.  This is what we realized during the inaguration of Varsha Bioscience's Tamilnadu dealership and a conference of all the dealers across Tamilnadu held in Trichy last month.  There was participation from officials of the Tamilnadu Agriculture department in Trichy and leading personalities in the Agribiotech industry.

In addition there was a training on Varsha Bioscience's products to all the field staff of the Tamilnadu dealership.  Several gray areas were clarified to the field executives.  We also learned areas where we could improve our product portfolio.

Overall there was excellent response to the products of Varsha Bioscience and Technology.

See the news report from the event below...

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