Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bio waste to Bio mass

One of the applications of bio control agents is to help faster decomposition.  From being mainly used as bio fertilizers and bio pesticides, these microbes are going to find several times bigger utility as composting agents.  For example, approximately for one tonne of palm oil extracted from oil plam trees, there is ten tonnes of oil palm waste consisting of oil palm tree trunks, branches, empty fruit bunches, etc.  It takes several months for all these to decompose completely.  Microbial solutions can be used to cut down the decompostion time by a whopping up to 80%.  Varsha's Omega can be very effective for this.

There are several uses for these composted bio waste.  From being used as Bio fertilizers, Bio plastics, Bio fuels and all the way to Aviation Turbine Fuel the benefits are enormous.  Its just a matter of time (or is it already time?) that the bio waste will be lot more valuable than the actual produce from the crops.  No wonder the new term is Bio mass and not Bio waste.

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